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New Chemtrac PC3400 Particle Counter

A Few Features That Set Chemtrac’s PC3400 Apart From Other Particle Counters

Calibration Made Simple

The PC3400 is the first Particle Counter designed for use in drinking water treatment plants that has truly made the calibration process uncomplicated for the end user. Simply access the calibration features via the front panel keypad and perform automatic sizing calibration of any selected size range in seconds. No computer or software is required. With the PC3400, the customer is no longer dependent upon the manufacturer for calibration of their instrument.

No Computer or Software Required For Setup

Most other Particle Counters require you to connect to a computer in order to change size range settings, alarm set-points, addresses for MODBUS communications, etc. The Chemtrac PC3400, which boasts a powerful ARM processor, is a completely self-contained unit providing a front panel keypad that can be used to change any of the end user settings. For those times when it is more practical to do so, the PC3400 still offers the option of changing settings over RS-232 or RS-485 using MODBUS or serial terminal commands.

Convenient Large Display with Graphical Trending

We outfitted the PC3400 with a large LCD graphical display (3.5” x 2”) allowing for more information to be clearly displayed. The large screen layout enables the user to simultaneously view the particle counts in up to 8 size ranges, where other particle counters display only one size range at a time. For those users that prefer less data, the screen can be changed to just display Total Counts in an easy to read larger font and a graphing feature, combined with the data logging capabilities, allows for an up to date trend plot of the 64 most recent recorded values.

Data Logging

The PC3400 was designed to function as part of a network of Particle Counters as well as an independent device that requires no external devices (computer, PLC, data recorder) to perform its job. On-board memory capable of holding up to 65,000 sample strings is just one more feature that helps this Particle Counter stand out while standing alone.

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