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Green Berry Irrigation District, Oregon

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The Automation Group, Inc (TAG) has provided service and troubleshooting experience for the Green Berry Irrigation District (GBID) for the last few years.  GBID was formed in 1997 as an irrigation district under ORS 545, a local government. Total acreage in the district is about 13,000, of which about 11,000 is irrigable.   The district serves about 50 members, ranging in size from a large, diversified family farm to a member with a few acres of blueberries. In the middle, they have a half dozen farming operations in the 400 to 2,000 acre size, and several family owned farms up to several hundred acres that are leased to the active farming operations.  TAG provided a new control system with 3 drives and new radios for the upgrade. (TAG) continues to provide technical support when needed for the district.

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