Eugene Branch

Technical Team

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Craig Alexander

Systems Integrator and Programming

Craig Alexander, has a Bachelor of Science degree computer engineering with a minor in math from Washington State University. Craig has studied embedded systems, software engineering, and network architecture during his time at Washington State University. Craig is familiar with many different computer systems and has worked extensively with Linux and Unix operating systems as well as all of the major Microsoft operating systems all the way back to DOS. Craig is familiar with programming in C, C++, Bash scripting, .NET Visual C#, and SQL. Craig has been working with industrial control systems for the last 4 years and has been designing industrial control panels and controls for the last two years. In the last two years Craig has generated several submittal packages and has helped to design and provide complete documentation on projects involving relay logic to SIL 2 PLC’s with redundant I/O racks. Craig has also been involved in setting up industrial networks and is familiar with Cisco IOS as well other large scale networking equipment.

Rick Jobe

Systems Integrator and Programming

Rick has a BS in Industrial Automation Engineering Technology and an AS in Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology. Rick was in the timber industry for 18 years before becoming an Process Engineer in 2007, then becoming a System Integrator in 2015, with TAG. Rick has a vast knowledge with a variety of PLC, OIT, HMI, & SCADA platforms.


Tony Glover

Systems Integrator and Electrician

With the discipline of the Marine Corp and his practice as an electrician Tony Glover is now a Systems Integrator at TAG. 

Tony has been an electrician for 21 years practicing general electrical for local businesses and saw mills. His exemplary work with PLC programming and management in addition to his electrical expertise make him a perfect fit for the TAG team.

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Scott Smith

Systems Integrator and Electrician

Educational Background: 2 year associates degree from Lane Community College in Electronics Engineering Technology.  IECC Journeyman electrician.

Scott has 20+ years experience in industrial electronics as a troubleshooter, designer, programmer, start-up technician, panel builder and electrician.  Scott has a working Knowledge of DC drives, AC drives, Servo Motion Control (both linear and rotary), Velocity and Position control, Instrumentation and PLC’s in many different industrial processes.

Scott has experience in the woods products industry but also has worked in plastics, steel, silicon, paper, machine tools, refuse handling, agricultural, aggregate,  water and wastewater.

Justin Heidi

HMI Systems Integrator

Justin was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon.


He attended Lane Community College for Graphic Design. During that, he worked at a local grocery store to pay the rent and was offered the Advertising position at the store. He jumped at the chance and began his career as a graphic designer. He then began work in the print industry in 1998 working at Instaprint and Shelton Turnbull.


In 2011 The Automation Group approached Justin to be part of the team as the marketing head and he accepted. After completing most of the marketing needs, he was then asked to do HMI design and with his design background, it was a natural progression.

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Eddie Jenks

Systems Integrator and Electrician

Eddie is a Journeyman electrician with 30 years of experience in the trade. He's experienced with commercial/Industrial conduit and wiring, He is also adept with industrial control/PLC wiring and VFD installation and wiring.

In his spare time he enjoys hunting and fishing

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Bryce Jenks

Assistant Integrator

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CJ Connelly

Assistant Integrator

Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.


Dan Nibblett

Low Voltage Specialist

Dan is our low voltage specialist working with his industry experience in telecommunications to help provide TAG with the service it needs.