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Prefab from TAG

The Automation Group continues to bring more to the table with Prefabrication.

More and more electrical contractors are turning to prefab. TAG gives you the opportunity to achieve the benefits of prefabrication with an already trusted partner in the business. Save money, manage your schedule and increase productivity in your workforce.


What is Prefab and why use it?

Electrical prefab is a method of assembling component electrical parts in a manufacturing facility. Electrical prefab is not a new idea. Many companies in the industry have embraced this concept for decades as a solution to increase efficiency and save money.

Increasingly complex and fast-paced project demands make prefab a determining factor when it comes to finishing a project on time.


Why TAG prefab?

TAG not only understands your needs as a contractor, it also becomes an extension of your company. Having TAG as a partner broadens your abilities as well as gives you peace of mind knowing you are backed by expert knowledge in the industry.








• Conduit Racks
• Flex Whips
• Concentric Bends
• Cable Tray Drop Assemblies


Underground Assemblies
• MCC/Switchgear Assemblies
• Duct Banks
• Underground 90s


Electrical Assemblies
• Temporary Power Skids
• Panel Assemblies
• Motor Termination Kits
• Control Stations
• Disconnect Assemblies


Custom Supports
• Panel Supports
• MCC Housekeeping Pads
• Conduit Supports
• Trapeze Supports


Instrument Stands
• Beam Mount
• Beam Mount Single
• Floor Mount Bullhorn
• Wall Mount Bullhorn
• Wall Mount Single
• Straight
• Pipe Mounts


• Stanchion Mounts
• Pendant Mounts
• Wall Mounts
• Junction Boxes


• Legend Plates
• Panel Schedules


Wire Numbers
• Termination Sheets


Pre-Spooled Wire
• Motor Runs
• Control Wire Bundles
• Comm Cable Assemblies 

"Working with TAG has been a great experience. The employees at TAG carry themselves in a professional manner, care about the projects they work on, and put the customer first. I would highly recommend TAG to anyone. I cannot think of a time where TAG has not delivered exactly what I expected. In many ways, TAG feels as though they are not only a part of the team, but an extension of my department."

Jason Knope
Public Works Director/City of Junction City, OR

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