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Fabrication Services from TAG.

As we continue to bring you excellence in integration, design and implementation, we strive to provide more to our customers. By offering you Custom Fabrication, we continue our passion for bringing more value to you. We are ready to help you. Please contact at us today!







   Stainless Steel
   Carbon Steel

Custom Design

    AutoCAD 10


    Powder Coating


    MCC Modifications
    Top Hats (Sheet Metal Work)
    MCC Housekeeping Pads
    Instrument Stands
    Disconnect Stands
    Instrument Sun shields
    Conduit Support Brackets
    Custom Brackets 
     (Sensors, Limit Switches and Field Devices)
    Transformer Brackets

"Working with The Automation Group is a real pleasure. Not only do they provide an excellent service, they go out of their way to satisfy their customers. I have recommended them in the past, and will continue to do so with sincere enthusiasm!"

Tim Bonn
Wildish Building Co.

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